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*If you are running iOS, we don't have an app yet, but you can head over to http://UPickRadio.com/play.



U-Pick Radio is a radio station that is controlled by the listeners. The station allows every listener to cast their vote. Listeners simply vote up songs they like and vote down the tracks they dislike. At the end of the timer displayed, the votes will be added up and the most popular track will then air. While that track is airing, listeners continue to vote for what plays next. U-Pick Radio is powered by crowdsourcing technology that interacts with you, our server, and our computers to provide you with a station where the music is picked by you!

If you're a listener and would like us to add a track to our library that we don't have, give us a shout a 678-404-0036 or send an email to support@upickradio.com. When you call us, you can also leave us shoutout and we just might put you on air!

If you're an artist and would like your music added to U-Pick, simply email support@upickradio.com and we'll add you to our library!



U-Pick Radio is brought to you by The Central Wave, driven by InteractivePlaylist, and powered by RadioCast. The music heard on this station is brought to you by The Central Wave. U-Pick Radio is a product of The Central Wave. The Central Wave is operated by the Forsyth Central High School broadcast dept. Credits include Austin Hollis (Station Manager), Sid Bramblett (Teacher/Station Manager), Paige Harmon (DJ), Jordin Lamb (Product Development/Android), Taylor Carter (Product Development/BlackBerry), Olivia Christensen (Promotions - Product Development/iOS), and RadioDJ.ro.